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Commercial / Industrial

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Be blown away by our various state of the art air conditioning systems featuring energy saving capabilities, low operation sound levels and ease of installation and maintenance.

With 3 main series of air conditioning systems for homes, offices to industrial buildings, you will be spoilt for choice by our wide range of products and parts to choose from.



     VRV-IV-Q     VRV-IV-S    VRV-IV-AHU System    VRV-X








Reusing existing piping for speedy replacement to an advanced energy-saving air conditioning

Upgrading air conditioning systems in the past used to require replacement of refrigerant piping in buildings, leading to major construction and costs exceeding those of the original installation.

To save time and cost, Daikin developed the VRV IV Q Series as a model specializing in system replacement, This revolutionary system reuses existing piping and enables quick and high quality replacement to the latest energy-saving air conditioning system without renovation work for new piping.


Reusing existing refrigerant piping minimizes:

  • Piping removal and new construction along with installation time and cost
  • Impact to the interior and exterior of buildings
  • Suspension of daily business operations for renovation


Improvement in capacity and greater number of indoor units with VRV IV Q Series:

  • Increase in capacity is possible while using existing piping
  • Moor indoor units can be connected in a single system, enabling consolidation of existing piping.


An automatic refrigerant charge function enables high quality installation for the VRV IV Q Series:

  • The system is automatically charged with the proper amount of refrigerant even when the length of the existing piping is unknown
  • Equipment automatically performs a sequence of tasks from refrigerant charging to test operation


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Benefits of System Replacement

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Engineered for Flexibility

First launched in Japan in 1982, the Daikin VRV system has been embraced by world markets for over 30 years. Now, Daikin proudly introduces the new VRV IV S series-the ideal air conditioning system for homes, shops and offices.


VRV indoor units combine with residential indoor units, all in one system.



  • Main features - P03                                                          
  • Indoor Unit Lineup - P09
  • Specifications - P34
  • Option List - P47
  • Control Systems - P53
  • Air Treatment Equipment Lineup - P63



Main Features

Compact & lightweight design

The new design has been optimised for the VRV IV S series, with the height of 4 HP to 5 HP models reduced to only 990 mm. This design gives the building a sleek look externally and provides the occupants with a clear, unobstructed view of the scenery. The VRV IV S series is now slim and compact, with outdoor units that require minimal installation space.



Enhanced lineup

To suit a variety of room sizes, VRV IV S series expands our range to include 8 HP and 9 HP



Wide variety of indoor units



Energy saving

Higher Coefficient of Performance (COP)

VRV IV S series provides greater energy saving as compared to VRV III S series, especially for 6 HP.



Quiet operation

Nighttime quiet operation function

Operation sound level selectable from 3 steps for the night mode

Mode 1. Automatic mode

Set on the outdoor PCB. Time of maximum temperature is memorised. The low operating mode will initiate 8 hours*1 after the peak temperature in the daytime, and normal operation will resume 10 hours*2 after that. The operation sound level for the night mode can be selected from 49 dB(A) (Step 1), 46 dB(A) (Step 2) and 43 dB(A) (Step 3).*3



Mode 2. Manual mode

Starting time and ending time can be input. (An external control adaptor for outdoor unit, DTA104A53/61/62, and a locally obtained timer are necessary.)


Mode 3. Combined mode

Combinations of modes 1 and 2 can be used depending on your needs.

*1. Initial setting. Can be selected from 6, 8 and 10 hours.

*2. Initial setting. Can be selected from 8, 9 and 10 hours.

*3. In case of 4 HP outdoor unit during cooling operation



Design flexibility and simplified installation

Connectable up to 14 indoor units

As many as 14 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, making the VRV IV S series a remarkably versatile system.

Note: Total capacity index of connectable indoor units must be 50-130% of the capacity index of the outdoor unit. Refer to page 46 for the maximum number of connectable indoor unit.



Automatic test operation

Simply press the test operation button and the unit performs an automatic system check, including wiring, stop valves, piping, and refrigerant charging amount. The results are returned automatically after the check finishes.


Simple wiring and piping connection

Unique piping and wiring systems make it possible to install a VRV IV S series quickly and easily



Long piping design possible

Long piping length offers flexibility in the choice of installation positions, and simplifies system planning.

When only VRV indoor units are connected


When a mixed combination of VRV and residential indoor units is connected or when only residential indoor units are connected



Indoor Unit Lineup

Enhanced range of choices

A mixed combination of VRV indoor units and residential indoor units can be included into one system, opening the door to stylish and quiet indoor units.



Daikin offers a wide range of indoor units includes both VRV and residential models responding to variety of needs of our customers that require air-conditioning solutions.











VRV AHU Introduction

Daikin released  2 series of VRV AHU,standard series model AHUR-DBV/CBV and outdoor air series model AHUR-DBL/CBL. It is a DX AHU that is specially designed to operate with VRV IV outdoor unit. This enabled the users to  reduce maintenance costs and enjoy more space savings.

Daikin VRV AHU improves the indoor air quality caused by haze, pollutants, etc with options of pre-fillers and primary filters.

This is the only total AHU solutions provided and manufactured completely by Daikin.


What is VRV?

Daikin VRV system is a multi-split tye air conditioner for commercial buildings that uses variable refrigerant flow control invented by Daikin.


It allows one touch selection control using intelligent Touch Manager and includes options to link with BACnet to enhance the Building Management System (BMS).


VRV AHU Application

From small to large commercial spaces, Daikin offers a wide range of R-410A inverter condensing units for use in conjunction with Air Handling Units(AHU) from 6 HP to 120 HP.

AHU provides large air volumes and high ESP (External Static Pressure) enabling the use of extensive ductworks. The refrigerant flows through the copper pipes using R-410A and operates like a large VRV fan coil unit.

Daikin AHU represents the ideal solution for large storage places, atrium, lobby, banquet halls, showrooms, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc.

It also has the options to customize the specifications such as the filtration type, direction of air in-take and discharge, servie access door and blower type(backward or forward curves and plug fan).



Features of VRV AHU

  • Harnessing VRV IV VRT technology
  • Inverter controlled system
  • Can be easily controlled via standard wired remote control (BRC1E62)
  • Comes in double skin panel model (Single skin option available)
  • Easily managed using intelligent Touch Manager central control system

          -  Communication protocol using DHII-Net to communicate with all existing Daikin communication devices. (options to connect directly to BACnet BMS

  • Can be placed indoor or outdoor


Benefits of using VRV AHU 

  • Quality and warranty assured

            - VYV AHU are manufactured by Daikin factory.

  • Ease of installation

            - No additional system such as cooling tower, chiller, and long water piping system          

            - Flexible design of the ducting system

  • Cover large area with different ducting onfiguration
  • VRV AHU can provide ESP up to 500Pa (Standard Model)
  • Total solution concept

           - Integrating an AHU into the total building climate system enables both design and installation procedures to be based on a single common technology. This simplifies project                  follow-up, installation, commissioning and maintenance since only one party is involved.

  • VRV AHU system can be combined with other types of indoor units to operate concurrently.


  1. Optional items required
  2. For ESP more than 500PZ, please contact Daikin's Sales Office
  3. 3 BACnet interface



Wide range of options to meet design requirements - Please contact Daikin's Sales Office on options below:

  • Fan Type 

          - Backward Curve Aerofoil

          - Plug Fan

           - Brushless DC Fan

  • Fan Motor Control

           - VSD

           - Fixed Speed

  •  AHU Coil Material Type

           - Copper Fin

           - Blue Fin

           - Epoxy Coated Fin and Coil

  •  AHU Drain Pan Type

            - Acrylic Enamel with Steel Coating

            - Galvanized Steel

  • AHU Air Filter Type

           - Medium Filter

           - Extra Filter

           - Synthetic

           - Bag

           - HEPA

           - Aluminium

           - Cartridge

           - ULPA

  • Special Option

          - Electric Heater

          - Mixing Box

          - Outdoor Roof

          - Heat Pipes

          - Motor Starter Box

  • Customisation

           - Airflow

           - Capacity

           - ESP

           - Discharge Direction

           - Heat Recovery Wheel

  • Controller for Outdoor Air Series

           - MicroTech (DDC)




Standard Series AHUR-DBV/CBV
























Exceeding Boundaries with Innovative Energy Saving


First launched in Japan in 1982, the Daikin VRV system has been embraced by world markets for over 35 years. Now, Daikin proudly introduces the new VRV X. By combining the technologies of VRV, VRT and VAV, we have attained both energy savings and comfortable air conditioning. VRV X series movie Automatic refrigerant charge function High reliability Uniting VRV, VRT and VAV technologies •New inverter PC board •Double backup operation •Refrigerant cooling for PC board


Energy savings

  • Uniting VRV, VRT and VAV technologies


Automatic refrigerant charge function 

  • Optimised operation efficiency
  • Higher installation quality
  • Easier installation

V system has been embraced by world markets for over 35 years. Now, Daikin proudly introduces the new VRV X. By combining the technologies of VRV, VRT and VAV, we have attained both energy savings and comfortable air conditioning.



- Main Feature

  • VRV User Benefits                      
  • New Heights in Energy Efficiency During Actual Operation
  • Excellent Operational Performance
  • Cloud Connection Ready
  • Refined Design Meets Advanced Technologies
  • Reliable and Stable System
  • Flexible System Design

- Outdoor Unit Lineup

  • Outdoor Unit Combinations
  • Outdoor Unit Specifications

- Indoor Unit Lineup

  • VRV Indoor Units
  • Residential Indoor Units
  • AHU System

- Air Treatment Equipment Lineup

- Control Systems

- Option List


High reliability

  • New inverter PC board
  • Double backup operation
  • Refrigerant cooling for PC board


VRV User Benefits


For property OWNERS

First launched in 1982, the Daikin VRV system has been providing comfort and reliability to building owners and their tenants for over 35 years. Leveraging the latest in energy-              saving technology, Daikin has further improved energy savings while reducing space requirements. This added value is one reason why Daikin is the right choice for building                  owners.


Energy saving & comfortable environment

  • Based on the idea of using only as much space as absolutely required, Daikin first launched its commercial multi-split air conditioning systems in 1982. Since then, customers have benefitted from much increased energy efficiency. Now, our revolutionary new systems dramatically reduce energy with VRT Smart Control. During operating periods, control programs ensure thermal loading is generally low, thus boosting energy efficiency. This greatly reduces the amount of energy required for building air conditioning. While optimally operating at low load, it maintains a comfortable indoor environment.




Efficient space utilisation

Daikin VRV system can be used to develop a large-scale air conditioning system on a single refrigerant system, thus reducing the space required for air conditioning equipment. Because the difference in height between the indoor and the outdoor unit can be as large as 90 m, even with a 20-storey building all of the outdoor units can be placed on the rooftop for more efficient utilisation of space.



High reliability

Double backup operation

  • Daikin VRV outdoor unit goes beyond just highly reliable compressors with a backup system that ensures continued operation.

Unit backup

  • Should one outdoor unit in a multiple unit system fail, the other outdoor units switch to emergency operation. If for some reason a failure occurs, the system for that unit does not completely stop, and air conditioning is maintained.

Compressor backup

  • Since units are equipped with two compressors, even if one compressor fails, the other compressor carries on in emergency mode




Comfortable environment

  • While operating optimally at low load, VRT smart operation maintains the indoor temperature and ensures a comfortable environment.



Residential indoor units

  • Because indoor units developed for residential use can be connected, it is possible to realise quiet operation. You can include indoor units that operate at min.19 dB(A), and to reduce the noise of refrigerant passing through the piping by remotely installing an BP unit.

*For indoor units connectability, please refer to the indoor unit product lineups.




Varied lineup of models

  • System applications range from family residences to large commercial buildings. With various types of indoor units available, comfortable airow is ensured in every space


Long piping provides more flexible system design

  • Greater design freedom is provided because equivalent piping between indoor and outdoor unit can run as large as 190 m and reach a maximum height difference of 90 m.



Compatible with engineering software

  • We at Daikin provide the software, the simulation results, and drawing materials to support the business-information modeling (BIM) currently entering the mainstream in construction industries.


Energy efficient

  • Daikin’s innovative energy-saving technology helps you to achieve your green building solution.



For Installers

Automatic refrigerant charge function

  • The automatic refrigerant charge function automates the charging of the proper refrigerant amount and the closing of shut-off valves by simply pressing a switch after pre-charging. Simplified installation eliminates excessive and insufficient refrigerant charge amounts due to calculation mistakes, and this has led to higher installation quality

Lightweight and compact large-capacity single units

  • Systems can be configured with single modules providing up to 20 HP. The lightweight and compact bodies are both easy to install and can be transported in elevators.

Simple piping, easy wiring

  • The REFNET piping system and DIII-NET system simplify refrigerant piping and control wiring installation.



Greater energy savings during low-load operation



Efficiency During Actual Operation



Optimum utilisation of VRT Smart Control and VRT Control

Effectiveness can be demonstrated for VRT Smart Control and VRT Control when all the indoor units operate under low load conditions in a similar manner. Low load conditions are the time when room temperature approaches set temperature. For this reason, please note the following to maximise energy .

When selecting indoor units

      Indoor units are installed in a system so that they operate largely under the same conditions.

      Energy efficiency decreases for the installation patterns shown below.


  1. A load imbalance occurs because an indoor unit in the same system is installed near the perimeter of the room or in the vicinity of a room entrance.
  2. Different operating hours for indoor units.


Time of Use

  1. Energy efficiency decreases when the set temperature of a specified indoor unit is excessively lowered during cooling operation.
  2. The airflow rate setting is set to "Auto" during VRT Smart Control.




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